McCain Couldn’t Recall How Many Homes He Has; Nor Could Shvo

shott shvojagger1v 032408 0 McCain Couldnt Recall How Many Homes He Has; Nor Could ShvoThe news last week that John McCain couldn’t quite remember how many homes he owned jarred our memory a bit. In a 2005 New York magazine profile of master residential marketer Michael Shvo, the wunderkind said that he had no idea how many apartments he owned at the time.

From the profile by Jancee Dunn:

Shvo owns apartments in many buildings—three in the Oxford on the Upper East Side, four in the Downtown by Philippe Starck on Broad Street, and his main residence in the Grand Millennium, on the Upper West Side, for instance—but he claims he has no idea how many apartments he owns altogether.

One has to imagine, however, that such forget-tery only enhances someone’s reputation in Mr. Shvo’s field.

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