McMahon Pumps Gas for Votes

Here’s a shot of Democratic Congressional candidate and City Councilman Mike McMahon pumping gas for voters in Staten Island today. (Upstate candidate and millionaire Jack Davis held a similar event, and paid for it).

I emailed the campaign to ask if McMahon supports the compromise energy bill in Congress that raises fuel efficiency standards, but also would permit expanded offshore drilling.

“Mike believes we need strong bipartisan efforts to find energy solutions, but would need to more carefully review this specific legislation before taking a position,” campaign spokesman Anthony Hogrebe emailed.

A press release on the event today says McMahon wants to cut energy consumption, increase taxes on oil companies, and also has this section:

Expanding the Domestic Production of Oil and Gas.

There are 8,500 outstanding offshore domestic oil and gas leases, 75% of which are not being used.

    * Oil and gas companies need to explore all land to which they hold the rights, and account for any reasons why they are not viable sources.  In addition, we cannot rule out the possibility of offshore drilling in new locations as long as it can be done with the highest assurance of environmental protections.

Politico reported that Nancy Pelosi, who opposes offshore drilling, is privately encouraging candidates facing difficult races to support expanded drilling because it’s popular with voters.

McMahon Pumps Gas for Votes