Monday Morning John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Round Up

After months of sitting on the sideline, the mainstream media let loose over the past three days with coverage of former Senator John Edwards’ admission that he had had an affair with filmmaker Rielle Hunter.

Some highlights from the coverage:

On ABC’s web site, “The Blotter,” Brian Ross and company posted a story today entitled “Is John Edwards Still Lying,” which includes an exclusive interview with a friend of Ms. Hunter’s named (apparently) Pidgeon, who suggests that he is, in fact, still lying.

In Broadcasting & Cable, Marisa Guthrie writes that according to multiple sources “Edwards was apoplectic that ABC News broke the story on its website and began promoting it early on Friday, giving the rest of the media a chance to play catch-up and cite ABC News’ report.”

In Newsweek, Jonathan Darman writes about meeting Ms. Hunter on the campaign trail in 2006, having a boozy lunch with her in New York, and his sometimes strained reporter-source relationship with her thereafter.

In The New York Times, Richard Perez-Pena and Bill Carter looked at why various members of the mainstream media were so reluctant to report on the story for so long.

The Politico’s Michael Calderone talks with Brian Ross about how ABC News’ investigation unfolded.

Monday Morning John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Round Up