Morning Memo: Gossip Girl’s Creator “Feels Bad” About New Ads; Why Are Lindsay and Samantha Shopping for Baby Clothes?

The new ads for Gossip Girl that use criticisms of the show as complimentary slogans–“Mind-blowingly inappropriate”–make the show’s creator, Josh Schwartz, feel bad. [Daily Intelligencer]

A Los Angeles cop, who was said to be fearful for his safety, pulled a gun on P. Diddy and his entourage during a routine traffic stop. [NY Daily News]

Casey Johnson, the billionaire heiress previous linked to Courtenay Semel, showed up at Kathy Lee Gifford‘s 55th birthday party with a new girlfriend named “Lisa,” who was wearing a leather trench coat. [P6]

While Jennifer Aniston has split from Cameron Diaz’s ex, John Mayer, Ms. Diaz is still enjoying the company of Ms. Aniston’s ex, Paul Sculfor. [P6]

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson shopped for baby clothes yesterday, but the sales staff of the baby boutique said that neither was pregnant. [NY Daily News]