Morning Memo: Michelle Williams Hearts Spike Jonze; Sean Avery’s Dating Up; Katie Holmes in NYC

Courtenay Semel (daughter of former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel) and heiress Casey Johnson are no longer an item after Ms. Semel spent an  evening partying with Tila Tequila, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. [P6]

Michelle Williams is reportedly officially dating her close friend director Spike Jonze, who was previously married to Sofia Coppola. [Daily Mail]  

Vogue intern and New York Ranger Sean Avery, 28, is dating 51-year-old Kelly Klein, ex-wife of Calvin. [P6

In the ongoing custody battle between Ron Perelman and Patricia Duff, their 13-year-old daughter Caleigh is refusing to speak to her mother or go on vacation with her, according to the Manhattan judge handling the case. [NY Daily News]  

Not kosher: Former Real World contestant Kevin Powell, who is running for Congress, told an audience of Hasidic Jews Monday night that he would “bring home the bacon.” [P6

Alex Rodriguez is working things out privately with wife Cynthia regarding visitation rights and alimony payments in order to avoid having to admit to his extramarital affairs in court. [NY Daily News

Katie Holmes has arrived in Manhattan to prepare for Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, which will premiere on Broadway September 17. [Us Weekly]

NYC Council member Tony Avella is accused of receiving a bouquet of flowers from Pamela Anderson. Quelle scandale! [Politicker