New QB for Friday Night Lights’s got a scoop today on the forthcoming, third season of Friday Night Lights. What? Didn’t that show get canceled?, you ask. No, it didn’t, but this season will be airing on DirecTV in the fall before winding up on NBC in early 2009, long after the diehard fans among us have read the episode recaps and spoilers all over the interwebs. Sigh.

Anyway, looks like the show’s got a new Q.B.—a freshman named J.D. McCoy who’s also fresh to Dillon. Played by Peter Pan star Jeremy Sumpter, his main aim is to challenge sweetie Matt Saracen for the starting spot, and we expect him to try to win the affections of Coach Taylor as well. With the tapering off this season of the storylines of running back Smash Williams and injured QB Jason Street, it’ll be good to have a new football player in town.

New QB for Friday Night Lights