Nick Cannon’s the Big Draw at GQ Party

DENVER—For all the talk about celebrities flocking to Denver, there weren’t too many of them in evidence at a highly anticipated “post-gavel” party last night at Tamayo in the LoDo neighborhood of Denver. Word of mouth on the party, thrown by GQ and co-sponsors, Maker’s Mark (bourbon!) had the affair pegged as the big do of convention week, and at around 10 o’clock the streets of “Lower Downtown” were crawling with bloggers in smart party dresses and gentlemen who’d put some product in their hair.

They packed the place, mostly journalists and political types. Dan Abrams was there. So was actor Tim Daly. But organizers’ nerves were finally soothed by the arrival of—wait for it—Nick Cannon. The 27-year-old actor best known for his recent marriage to Mariah Carey inexplicably arrived with two mountainous bodyguards. The threesome made a lap around the column that divided the restaurant from the bar area, which took a considerable amount of time as civilians made way for the behemoth bouncers, and then left.

The Daily Transom asked Mr. Daly, who was recently named co-chair of celebrity fund-raising locomotive Creative Coalition, if he was at all concerned about possible negative side effects of celebrity endorsement of a candidate.

“You know the thing no one seems to recognize about celebrities endorsing candidates,” he said, “is that [the celebrities] have nothing to gain from it.”