Obama’s Lost Article, Plot Thickens in Assembly Race

Ben Smith and Jeffrey Ressner dig up an article Barack Obama wrote for the Harvard Law Review about abortion rights. [Politico]

Another celebrity ad from McCain? [The Page]

Obama is such a nice guy he called the people that didn’t get to be his running mate to tell them personally. [CNN]

Either Barbara Kavanaugh or Joseph Illuzi is lying about whether the ads for her campaign on his site are paid. [Capitol Confidential]

Apparently tons of people with no tickets are going to show up in Denver. [L.A. Times]

And in an emotional tumultuous day for the animal kingdom, feral cats are being abused in the Bronx and a goat was strangled on Long Island. But! kittens were rescued from a storm in Georgia, and an out-of-context manatee showed up in Long Beach. [Newsday]


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