On Craigslist, Denver Now a Playground for Eager-to-Please Obama Supporters

What happens when thousands of politics wonks descend on one poor, defenseless mile-high city for a few days? Why, lots of Craigslist posts offering or soliciting politically minded sex, of course.

Take this 39-year-old man, who is offering a “free spa quality sensual massage for Obama supporters!” He adds: “Would love to meet and greet and touch a good energy soul in for the convention. Tall and fun with a great touch.”

Or the 32-year-old man staying at the Aurora Hotel who was looking for a “cowgirl”: “Are you a lady voting Obama? Are you looking for a little fun tonight during the convention? Perhaps you like to cum over and “Watch” with me? I’m serious about meeting up with a good-looking lady for the afternoon/evening and if you’re serious about meeting up with a good-looking guy; what are you waiting for? Get back to me!”

Perhaps this 40-year-old blogger suits your fancy? ” I’m in town for the Democratic National Convention. I’m a fit guy, 5’11” who recently got out of a relationship. I’m a writer–I mean stuff other than blogging. I went to one of those selective East Coast schools and would prefer someone who is clever and worldly.” Actually, never mind. This guy sounds like a shmuck! (Related: is “I’m more than a blogger, I’m also a writer” the new “I’m not just a waiter, I’m also an actor”? Anyone?)

Then there’s the 49-year-old man who offers to “pleasure” (we won’t get into further details) a female Obama delegate. He assures his readers that he loves to please!

Finally, we have this young man, who is interested in performing oral sex in exchange for tickets to Obama’s speech. And just in case you didn’t get the message the first time, he repeats: “YOU MUST HAVE OBAMA SPEECH TICKETS.” Got that?