Plum Sykes Writing Mogulettes Show for NBC

plum Plum Sykes Writing Mogulettes Show for NBCEven as Candace Bushnell’s NBC dramedy about powerful New York women Lipstick Jungle will return for a second season, Bergdorf Blondes author Plum Sykes is working on a new show called Mogulettes, about a group of women click-clacking their way onto airplanes instead of New York City streets. Variety reports:

"Mogulettes," which Sykes is penning with scribe Amy Harris ("The Comeback"), will center on jet-setting twentysomething women who have already become captains of industry. Show revolves around Eva, the beautiful and brilliant leader of a cosmetics empire.

Ms. Sykes originally brought a show based on her Bergdorf Blondes book to the WB a few years ago. But they passed. NBC seems to love it: "I think Plum has a unique insight into social dynamics in a way that she’s able to find these characters that are at once sympathetic and aspirational," producer Charlie Corwin told Variety.


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