VSL:WEB // Congratulations! You may already be president!

Welcome to the vetting process. Do you have anything you want to get off your chest? Got a mistress and/or love child we should know about? How wide is your stance? Speak up now, because in case you haven’t heard: You, [insert name], are very close to being drafted for the highest office in the land.

The clever and mildly disturbing prank election site News3Online is the best practical joke we’ve come across on the Web since getting RickRoll’D. What happens is you will send a friend to what looks like the website for any local TV news station. Then the friend will watch, mouth agape, as tape rolls on his or her magical campaign for president. Freaky. Seeing your name on the side of a bus or tramp-stamped on an elderly supporter is a real wakeup call. We talk a big game about how the nation should be run, but if any of us becomes president, we’re leaving the country.

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