Private Schools Expand to Meet Kiddie Demand

Private schools in New York City are expanding to meet the continued demand of the ever-burgeoning tot set, according to today’s New York Times. One example cited was the Mandell preschool on the Upper West Side:

This spring, for the first time, several of the 43 Mandell preschool graduates found themselves without anywhere to go. So Mandell, which has been around for generations, decided to do its part to ease the kindergarten crunch by opening its own $2 million elementary school, in a 17,000-square-foot storefront on Columbus Avenue at 96th Street.

Another example’s Claremont Prep, a Financial District school that opened in 2005:

The Claremont Preparatory School, which started in Lower Manhattan in 2005, is expanding to seven kindergarten classes from three after receiving more than 1,100 applications this year, up from 700 the year before. Claremont, which has nearly 500 students in kindergarten through eighth grade, also plans to open a high school in September 2009.