Report: Ecco Pays the Guy From Aerosmith More Than $2 Million For Memoirs

No doubt riding high on the breakout success of David Wrobewski’s The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, the Ecco Press appears to be on something of a spending spree! Matthew Flamm at Crain‘s reports that Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith (not to be mistaken with Sinclair Lewis’ similarly titled book), has sold them the rights to his autobiography for more than $2 million. This news comes just over a week after Ecco’s publisher, Dan Halpern, dropped more than $2 million on that survival memoir Crazy for the Storm that had everyone wondering whether Rob Weisbach had taken up agenting.

We’ll reserve our judgment on whether $2 million is or isn’t an insane amount of money to pay for Steven Tyler’s autobiography. As Flamm notes, it wouldn’t be the first time an ex-rock star with wrinkles got seven figures to write a book.