Robert Downey Jr. Says His Sherlock Holmes Will Kick Ass

Literally! Robert Downey Jr. told movie news site that preparing for his upcoming role as Sherlock Holmes will include some martial arts training.

“The cool thing about Sherlock Holmes was he’s actually a very skilled martial artist,” he told the movie news site. “So it’s going to have elements of that…it’s not just his deduction and all that stuff. It’s going to be a very action-packed version of that. To me it’s really exciting.”

Guy Ritchie will be directing of course, distracting him from his rumored Madge problems, we’re sure. They start shooting Oct. 6, according to Mr. Downey Jr.

He said he and Mr. Ritchie share a love for the old forms of martial arts. “I love the idea of martial arts and bare-knuckle boxing…before the Queensbury rules, where it was all kind of proper, it was this real balls-to-the-wall, brutal type stuff,” he said. “Guy Ritchie’s a martial artist, and martial arts student…so we’re going to have a real fun time doing all that.”