So That’s Why The Hills is a Snooze Fest; All the Good Stuff Happens Behind the Scenes!

For a “reality” show that’s supposed to be all about drama, The Hills hasn’t really encompassed much of it over the past few seasons. It seems like the juiciest footage we get is stuff like: Uh oh! Spencer and Heidi sort of broke up, but actually they really didn’t! CRISIS! L.C. ruined some expensive dress she didn’t have to pay for because she doesn’t know how to work a curling iron! Audrina won’t come out of that shack she got forced to live in after Lo stole all of her camera spotlight! Snore.

What ever happened to gratuitous post-teenage binge drinking sessions that lead to crazy fights with blonde girls calling each other whores and fratty dudes giving each other bloody noses with their fists? Isn’t that what reality TV is supposed to be all about?

Apparently on The Hills, the new season of which premieres on MTV on Aug. 18, all the good stuff happens behind the scenes. The L.A. Times reports that neighbors of The Hills’ leading ladies Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Lauren “Lo” Bosworth, are up in arms over the paparazzi-fueled chaos that the filming of the show has brought to their once quiet neighborhood between Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards.

The real-life drama has at times eclipsed the plot line of the highly rated The Hills, which features young women who are struggling with their careers-and their love lives-amid the glitz of Hollywood. One incident involved an alleged knife fight between paparazzi on a homeowner’s lawn. Another ended when police were called to break up a confrontation between residents and city officials.

Logs kept by homeowners indicate that “a drunken brawl broke out during a party” at the house May 4 and continued as the combatants stumbled down the street. On June 14 “several paparazzi began fighting and one pulled a knife on the other one.”

Um, knife fights? Drunken brawls? Can somebody please green-light a reality show about the making of The Hills? We’d take that over the real thing any day.

On the bright side, at least we have Kelly Cutrone!

So That’s Why The Hills is a Snooze Fest; All the Good Stuff Happens Behind the Scenes!