Spike Lee in Denver: ‘Double Nickels, Baby!’

DENVER—Spike Lee really liked Wednesday night’s speeches.

“Fired up! Fired up!” said the director walking down the main aisle of the Pepsi Center last night. He wore a white T-shirt with Obama’s face on it and a baseball cap. He gave a high five to Newark Mayor Cory Booker, sitting in the front row of the Jersey delegation. “We going to drop double nickels tomorrow night,” Lee told Booker, who laughed and nodded his head. “Obama’s going Jordan in the Mile High Invesco field. Double nickels! Double nickels, baby!”

Booker gave his approving reviews. Waving a Biden sign, topped with an American flag, he said the vice presidential nominee had done an exceptional job of showing that John McCain’s “longevity doesn’t equal expertise.” Biden, he said, had shown himself to be a “real guy with a good heart who loves his family and loves his country. And people felt that.”