Temple Obama, Romney’s Real Estate, Pawlenty Goes Off the Air

Barack Obama played basketball this morning. [Denver Post]

The stage he is speaking on tonight looks like a Greek temple. [Daily News]

Brad Aaron is thrilled that Joe Biden said “Amtrak” in his speech last night. [Streetsblog]

Josh Marshall reports that John Kerry wrote the speech he delivered last night. [T.P.M.]

Chuck Schumer visited the Big Tent at the Pepsi Center, where many liberal bloggers are working. [The Albany Project]

McCain is denying that he’s already chosen a running mate. [CNN]

Mitt Romney seems to have even more tony real estate holdings that John McCain. [Center for Public Integrity]

Tom Bevan says there is a consensus that McCain’s housing comment knocked Romney off the V.P. list. [R.C.P. Blog]

Minnesota Governor and V.P. finalist Tim Pawlenty canceled all his interviews for the rest of the day. [Ambinder]

He’ll be at the state fair–a major political staging ground in Minnesota–when McCain is supposed to announce his running mate. [Roll Call]

Democrats will celebrate McCain’s 72nd birthday. [Washington Wire]

Keith Johnson thinks T. Boone Picken’s ad that says Iran is making more progress with natural gas cars than the U.S. is accurate. [Environmental Capital]