The Transom in Print, August 6, 2008: ZoneHampton; Eliza Dushku; Polo Players

The rain didn’t deter Hamptonites from making their way to Bridgehampton for the polo matches, but when they got there, the fields were muddy and the games had been canceled. Fortunately suave polo player Nacho Figueras was there to make everyone feel better, Irina Aleksander reports.

Then Ms. Aleksander muscled her way into ZoneHampton, a gym frequented by the likes of Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa and Matthew Broderick, and spent an hour huffing and puffing with Gregg Cook, possibly the East End’s most motivating spinning instructor.

On Sunday evening, the Transom’s favorite tippler George Gurley found himself at the afterparty for a premiere of a film about wine, but there was very little alcohol to be had! Also, no one seemed to even be interested in imbibing. We hope this does not portend a fall season of sobriety.

Finally, the Transom met up with the comely Anisha Lakhani, former Dalton schoolmarm with a new roman-a-clef who might find that her fancy new friends turn on her once they discover the subject of her next novel. As Ms. Lakhani says, “Wink, wink!”