Tori Spelling Pissed About 90210 Pay

Ah, while 90210 returns to TV this fall, so do the cat fights! Round 1: Tori Spelling vs. Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty’s paychecks! Nikki Finke at DeadlineHollywoodDaily is reporting that Ms. Spelling has been whining about the other original stars getting a bigger paycheck in the new series.

Insiders tell me that Tori was hired to reprise her role as fashion boutique owner Donna Martin for just “$10,000-$20,000” per episode. But then Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty were signed for “$35,000-$50,000” a show. When Tori found out her former co-stars were getting paid way more than she was, she got pissed and demanded equal pay. But the network suits have refused. So now my sources tell me that Tori has pulled out of the series, which premieres with a 2-hour special on September 2nd. “She thought she deserved parity, and she’s got a point,” an insider explained to me.

Ms. Finke writes that Ms. Spelling is mum about the spat, telling the media that the timing didn’t work out for her. “So we’ll see what happens later in the season,” she said last week on CBS’ The Early Show. More like we’ll see what happens during Sweeps week, when producers will need a big “surprise” return from an original cast member. Ms. Finke points out that the CW is relying on this show to keep them afloat.

As a source explained, “Since Gossip Girl opened with a 3.1 for women 18-to-34 and still can’t get ratings, then 90210 has got to open with a ‘4’ in front of it for women 18-to-34 if The CW and Dawn are going to survive into 2009.”