Video: Corsi Versus Media Matters on Larry King Live Last Night

Jerome Corsi, he of Swift Boat fame, was on CNN’s Larry King Live last night defending his new book, The Obama Nation against Paul Waldman, a fidgety fellow from progressive watchdog group, Media Matters. On August 12th, Jim Rutenberg and Julie Bosman pointed out in The New York Times that many of Mr. Corsi’s claims—specifically that Barack Obama never addressed when he stopped using drugs—were false.

Mr. Corsi, at one point said, “My argument is that the self-reporting of people who used drugs as to when they quit is not reliable.” That’s kind of interesting, actually, since Mr. Obama’s two memoirs, while pretty good and everything, do contain exactly the sort of fake dialogue and imagined details David Carr’s recent memoir, The Night of the Gun rejected.

Video above.