V.P. and Convention Quickies

* V.P. speculation has intensified and a few media voices think they already know who it will be, but now there are signs that there won’t be a public unveiling until Saturday morning in Springfield, Illinois (where Obama declared his candidacy in February 2007). Although the Springfield rally won’t necessarily be the ticket’s first appearance, Marc Ambinder is fairly certain it will be. But it’s only Tuesday afternoon right now. Will there be a leak between now and then?

* One darkhorse V.P. prospect, Rhode Island’s Jack Reed, was given a Wednesday night convention speaking slot today. Since Wednesday is supposed to be national security night, Reed’s presence on the roster makes sense. Nor would it seem to have any bearing on the V.P. search, since most every other prospect has also been assigned a convention slot. Other Wednesday speakers announced today: John Kerry, Tom Daschle, and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley (to speak about domestic security?).

* And CNN reports that Al Gore will speak to the convention on Thursday night, when the proceedings will be moved to 75,000-seat Invesco Field at Mile High. Does this mean he’ll be introducing Obama?