Wednesday, August 13

Horror? Or hipsters! Joyce Carol Oates has not only written 731 novels—she’s also popping up (boing!) in the Fringe Festival, in the form of a theatrical adaptation of her novella Zombie, the jaunty tale of a sexual psychopath (no one under 18 will be admitted!), directed by Thomas Caruso, the same guy who directs Mamma Mia! (The musical, not the unfortunate movie version.) Later, if you’re in the market for a hipster doofus boyfriend, you’ll find plenty to choose from at McCarren Park Pool tonight, as they buzz like flies to a backyard lamp to see Wilco (a band best experienced with Wellbutrin).

[Zombie, the Players Theatre Loft Space (Venue #13), 115 MacDougal Street,; Wilco at McCarren Park Pool, 7 p.m.,]