WFP’s Cantor Responds

A little earlier, I linked to Elizabeth Benjamin’s story about Tom Suozzi’s conference call today, in which he lambasted the Working Families Party and the Alliance for Quality Education for their television ad opposing Governor Paterson’s property tax cap proposal. Among other contentions, Suozzi said that the WFP/AQE coalition is waging a “personal attack” against Paterson and trying to “scare people.”

Now, the WFP’s executive director, Dan Cantor, has responded:

“It’s not surprising that Tom Suozzi is trying to defend David Paterson’s tax gimmick.  After all – it was Suozzi’s idea.  But Suozzi is dead wrong to say the Governor has been personally attacked.  David Paterson has been around long enough to know what’s personal and what’s about policy.

“Here’s what’s personal:  the impact on 3 million kids around the state if the Governor and the legislature enact a property tax cap that devastates public education.  It will be personal for the families whose children go to school in overcrowded classrooms.  It will be personal for the teachers who are fired.  It will be personal for the homeowners whose property values will go down with the quality of their local schools.”

“This property tax gimmick is the wrong answer.  It will hurt our kids and our communities.”

WFP’s Cantor Responds