Will Simon & Schuster Have to Answer For Corsi?

Jerome Corsi, author of the 2004 Anti-John Kerry book Unfit for Command, has taken a lot of heat for his latest effort, a grouchy little volume called The Obama Nation that puts forth the notion that Barack Obama might be and probably is a drug addicted Muslim-lover. So far, Simon & Schuster, the company that published Mr. Corsi’s book through its conservative Threshold Editions imprint, hasn’t been asked to defend their decision to put it out.

Ben Smith at the Politico raises the issue today on his blog, asking a “series of Simon & Schuster authors—including Michael Moore, Alexandra Pelosi, and Paul Begala” how they feel about getting their paychecks from the same place as Mr. Corsi.

Most of them didn’t respond, Ben writes, but a spokesman for one pretty big one, Hillary Clinton, did. What did he say? Basically, that Simon & Schuster shouldn’t be held responsible for what Threshold—which is run by GOP operative Mary Matalin—does. “Threshold has absolutely nothing to do with the people at Simon & Schuster who have published [Hillary Clinton’s] books,” the spokesman told Ben.

Will other authors (not to mention all those people who own shares of S&S’s parent company, CBS) be so generous? More on this later in the week.