50 Hitchcock Moments for You to YouTube

Another good way of killing time: doing random YouTube searches for old movie scenes and trailers. And the good folks over at the Times Online have just given us a hit list. Earlier this week the London paper posted Alfred Hitchcock’s 50 most memorable moments, complete with a little description of each and a YouTube link to the scene in question (or, in some cases, as much of the scene as was available.) And while the list is incredibly generic at times (the shower scene in Psycho is No. 1) there are still tons of great choices on here to get excited about.

We’ve always been partial to the poison glass of milk Cary Grant goes to give Joan Fontaine in Suspicion; amazingly, that only sits at No. 45. And, like everyone else, we’re pretty sure the incredibly creepy, off-putting and totally awesome kiss that Jimmy Stewart gives Kim Novak at the end of the second act in Vertigo is one of the best sequences we’ve ever seen put to film. Fittingly, that ranks third.

But we have gripes, too! Since the list is only 50 deep, we know not everything can get mentioned. But we were more than a little disappointed to see Notorious get a slighted. O.K., it wasn’t slighted; Notorious does appear on the list three times (the scene in the wine cellar, the drunk driving and the very end). But where is that fantastic crane shot into Ingrid Bergman’s hand to reveal that she is holding a key to the wine cellar? For us, that’s one of Hitchcock’s most indelible and lasting images.

Of course, we were grateful that Shadow of a Doubt only cropped up once. That movie is just too creepy, even for us.