Andre 3000: “Just Because You Like to Dress Well … That Don’t Mean You’re Gay!”

“People feel like, just because you like to dress well … that don’t mean you’re gay! I don’t know where that came from!” said Andre Benjamin, a.k.a. Andre 3000 of Outkast, at the launch of his men’s clothing line at Barneys last night. He wore some of the line, called Benjamin Bixby, himself: a red polo shirt with a big white “X” on the front, loose-fitting jeans held up by suspenders, wide-brimmed fedora (think George Clooney in the recent flop Leatherheads). “My thing is the 1930s,” explained Mr. Benjamin, who was besieged by admirers near a railing overlooking the women’s floor below and guarded by a publicist. “You had rough guys who played football, but they were impeccably dressed. So now, if a guy wants to wash his face, they call him a metrosexual or whatever. So my thing is, cut all that out. You know? It’s clothes!”

Charlize Theron and her boyfriend, Stuart Townsend, the event’s hosts, arrived. (Mr. Benjamin and Ms. Theron both star in Mr. Townsend’s directorial debut, Battle in Seattle, set for a Sept. 19 release). Ms. Theron stuck her chest out and posed for the cameras near mannequins dressed in Benjamin Bixby.

Enough about clothes; tell us about Charlize! “To be honest, I didn’t work with Charlize, because we were on different scenes different days,” said Mr. Benjamin.