Anna Wintour’s Favorite Dress Reemerges at Fashion Week

Remember that turquoise Oscar de la Renta dress that Anna Wintour wore to the U.S. Open, and Tommy Hilfiger‘s engagement party, and the Sex and the City premiere?

Well, it’s back! The lovely dress reappeared when Ms. Wintour sat in the front row of the Phillip Lim show on Wednesday and Mr. de la Renta‘s show right afterwards. And, we must say, the color really does bring out her eyes when they’re not shielded by huge Chanel sunglasses!

Perhaps Ms. Wintour is making an environmental statement about so-called “disposable fashion” (in other words, the mounds of clothes from H&M and Forever 21 in our closets?). In any case, if she paid for the dress (unlikely), she’s getting her money’s worth, and if Mr. de la Renta gave her the dress (likely!), he has certainly gotten his money’s worth.