Assembly Ethics Committee Meets, Palin Really Will Do ‘Multiple’ Interviews

The Assembly ethics committee held an unannounced, closed-door meeting to discuss one of two members currently facing charges of ethics violations. [The Sun]

Hinting at a secret media plan, or maybe just incorrectly, John McCain says Saarh Palin is doing “numerous” interviews in the coming days. (A campaign aide later confirmed there would be more interviews). [T.P.M.]

Palin’s lawyer is trying to block the investigation into how she handled the firing of her former brother-in-law, the top state police official. [Bloomberg]

A Wall Street Journal blog questions Palin’s claim that she got Alaska’s natural gas pipeline project going. [Environmental Capital]

The Democratic governor of Illinois defended Palin’s executive experience. [The Swamp]

The Gioias are hosting a fund-raiser for Bill Clinton’s foundation next week. [Liz]