Baby Steps! Palin Takes a Reporter’s Very Soft Question

At an event today at the Museum of Russian Art, the McCain campaign did not allow questions for Governor Sarah Palin, except for one asked by a reporter from Alaska who wanted to know if she’d still have time for her home state. They’ve got two months to go in keeping her away from real questions. But so far so good!

Here’s the pool report from Maeve Reston of the L.A. Times:

Pool Report #1a


Minneapolis – The Museum of Russian Art Governor Sarah Palin


In the midst of a private luncheon of the Republican Governor’s Association (in another room), the press was ushered into an small, dimly lit adjoining art gallery. Palin, in a gray suit, waited already in place as we entered. She was flanked by nine governors: Gov. Perdue of GA, Gov. Rounds of SD, Gov. Gibbons of NV, Gov. Blunt of MO, Gov. Lingle of HI, Gov. Douglas of VT, Gov. Heineman of Neb., Gov. Hoeven of ND. (Check all spellings). Lingle introduced her and said how happy all the governors are that Palin was chosen.

Palin made about a six minute statement that amounted to a reprise of the themes of her speech (working on transcribing statement will be pool report #1b).

She read from notes at a podium outlining her resume as a “chief executive,” her experience vetoing millions of dollars as gov, and her work on energy issues.

When she finished, she shook hands with fellow governors and ignored reporters who tried to shout questions to her (the staff interrupted, telling us no questions).

The one exception was an Alaska news station. Palin seemed to surprise her staff by turning to face their camera as the rest of us were being rushed out of the gallery. So we rushed back and caught her midway through what I think was the first or second sentence of her response. Maria Comella may be able to help you with the first part.

The Alaska reporter asked something along the lines of: Governor, We feel like we’re losing you – are you still going to be there for Alaska?

Palin’s answer mid-sentence: ” — believed in the positive changes that needed to be ushered into our state. Now we’re going to bring that change, that reform to the nation and again I have Alaskans to thank for that so I appreciate so much all that they have done in terms of support and This is going to be really good for Alaska also. I get to travel across the nation and let people know about our great state and about the people who live there.”

Q: We feel like we’re losing you a little bit.

PALIN: “No I’m happy to be governor of Alaska couldn’t be more proud, of course, of my position as governor of Alaska.”

She took no further questions.

Baby Steps! Palin Takes a Reporter’s Very Soft Question