Breaking: 58-Year-Old Woman Not 25; Or 30; Or 40

Let it be known that the Huffington Post—you know, Arianna Huffington’s news aggregator and blog network that optimistically values itself at $200 million—isn’t above tearing out a page from Star or a traffic-driving trick from Perez Hilton.

In an un-bylined post on the site’s Media vertical headlined Anna Wintour Up Close (PHOTOS), we are treated to a particularly unflattering Associated Press photo of the Vogue editor at Thursday’s Tommy Hilfiger show. It’s a pretty textbook example of what many feminist bloggers refer to as “body snarking.”

The scoop? Ms. Wintour, who is 58 years old, looks like a middle aged woman—with wrinkles and everything.

The post shows an extreme close up of Ms. Wintour’s face and neck and two more of her arms. The news peg, or whatever, is as follows:

Vogue editor Anna Wintour is the international arbiter of fashion, recognized in an instant by her haircut and large sunglasses. But what does she really look like? Thanks to the strength of today’s digital cameras and the below AP photo from Thursday’s Tommy Hilfiger show, cropped several ways to show every pixel, now you can know.

And thanks to an un-bylined, cheap-shot post on a site that doesn’t pay its contributors or have them identify themselves to interview subjects, we now see the Huffington Post a lot clearer, too.

Repeated e-mails to Huffington Post editors and spokespeople went unanswered.

Update, 4:20 PM: The Huffington Post’s spokesperson is traveling; Editors declined to comment.

Breaking: 58-Year-Old Woman Not 25; Or 30; Or 40