Cecily von Ziegesar On Obama: XOXO!

Earlier this week we learned about the social networking site YA for Obama, started by Young Adult writer Maureen Johnson. Judy Blume was the first author up at bat, and today we have two more. There’s “Do The Math” by Scott Westerfeld (um, no), which involves charts and percentages (double no). And then there’s “Gossip Girl for Obama” by Cecily von Ziegesar, writer of the Gossip Girl series.

Ms. Von Ziegesar poses the question, is Barack Obama a “Nate, a Dan, a Chuck, a Serena, or a Blair?”. Turns out the answer is Blair (hmmm), but for our money the most fascinating thing about this post is the detail of Ms. Von Ziegesar’s fantasy life! To wit:”actually, I have this little fantasy where Barack and I go to Barneys and right away he’s mobbed by the gay men in Cosmetics so he’s wearing Carolina Herrera cologne and a Kiehls cucumber eye masque. He buys me a sweet little gold Me and Ro bracelet before we head into the men’s department to get him a new suit. Of course he already knows he looks best in dark gray and he picks out a pink shirt which make me love him even more and then he picks out the most unboring pair of shoes they have because his taste is impeccable and oh where did they find this guy because he’s just… perfect!”