Elsewhere: Oppo on Palin, Ventura on Paul

Politico obtained the Democratic Party’s opposition research on Sarah Palin.

Palin’s husband was a member of a political party that advocates Alaskan succession until the year his wife ran for national office.

Buffalo Geek says Palin wasn’t really the commander of the Alaska National Guard.

Here’s Palin’s appearance on the “Late Late Show” last year.

Time visits Palin’s church.

The McCain campaign is mad at CNN because an interviewer asked Tucker Bounds to name a decision Palin has made as commander of the Alaska National Guard. He didn’t, and now McCain has canceled his appearance on Larry King.

Here’s unsettling proof that Palin is in Minnesota.

The Republican Party is making it difficult for Ron Paul to get to the convention floor.

Jesse Ventura says Ron Paul is “dangerous,” in good way.

A Miami Herald blogger is little irritated that Laura Bush made a special appeal to Michigan’s delegates, but not Florida’s.

Reminder: McCain, who would Palin’s children to be off-limits to media scrutiny, once made fun of Chelsea Clinton.

Streetsblog is skeptical that Vice President Joe Biden would mean lots of support for Amtrak.

Liz thinks there might be a connection between an anti-Sheldon Silver mailer and Roger Stone.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is delaying the renewal of Indian Point’s license, to allow more time for evaluation.

David Paterson’s directive to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages was upheld in court.

Yvette Clarke endorsed incumbent State Senator Kevin Parker over his two challengers.

Karl Rove told Texan Republicans they need to get their “mojo back.”

And above, from a party last night, country singer John Rich plays a song he wrote for “the original American badass, Senator John McCain.”

Elsewhere: Oppo on Palin, Ventura on Paul