VSL:WEB // Where have all the polar bears gone?

In May, the Department of the Interior, presumably between cocaine-fueled orgies, officially listed polar bears as a threatened species despite the efforts of the drill-baby-drilling-crazy governor of Alaska to prevent that classification. Most scientific experts agree that man-made global warming has greatly diminished Arctic sea ice, which amounts to the sidewalk beneath a polar bear’s paws going poof.

A couple of polar bears were recently spotted on New York City’s sidewalks, and they were not looking so good. Actually, they were inflatable bears, part of an affecting ad directed by Tim Godsall and paid for by Environmental Defense Fund. In the beginning, they are deflated, an indistinct bit of plastic trash perched atop a subway grate. As a train passes below, sending warm air up, the mama and baby bear rise — they’re alive! But then, just as quickly, the train has passed and they wilt. The message is simple: Leave the car, take mass transit, save a few polar bears. ’Nuff unsaid.

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