Fashion Magazines Promote Polygamist Hairstyles for Fall!

polygamists Fashion Magazines Promote Polygamist Hairstyles for Fall!Back in April, when the raid on a Texan polygamist compound dominated the news (weren’t those the days!), those aggrieved Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints wives’ prominent hairdos became a subject of much fascination. Were they meant to indicate closeness to God? To wash one’s husband’s feet in the afterlife? To distract from those hideous dresses?

Now they reemerge in October issues of Vogue and W, which interpret the mega-bouffants for the stylish luxury consumer (i.e. pair them with Dior). We’re not sure what the W model has been doing with that shirtless guy in the background, but we’re guessing she wasn’t washing his feet …

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