Felder’s Appeal to Borough Park, Stewart’s List of ‘Supporters’

This sign was spotted by a reader in Borough Park and again in a predominantly Jewish enclave at the edge of Kensington (around 50th Street and 10th Avenue) in Brooklyn.

The tag line, in Hebrew and English–If Simcha loses, We All Lose–is a pretty direct appeal for votes along identity lines.

Felder is running for State Senate against incumbent Kevin Parker and fellow City Councilman Kendall Stewart, whose volunteers gave me more than a fair share of fliers at the subway station this morning.

Interestingly, Stewart’s palm card asks voters not only to elect him, but to "re-elect" Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (and Congressman Ed Towns).

Clarke was also featured on Kevin Parker’s palm card, which advertised her endorsement of the incumbent.

This isn’t the first time Stewart has featured "supporters" in his literature when they haven’t endorsed him.

Senator Chuck Schumer appeared in a campaign "newspaper" as one of "Stewart’s Supporters," but Schumer’s spokesman told me the Senator did not endorse in this race.