Fred Armisen Gets Giggles with Punk Rock Girl

We love former Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein. We love SNL funny-man Fred Armisen. And you should love ThunderAnt, a video blog in which Armisen and Brownstein collaborate on a particularly quirky brand of sketch comedy parodying everything from feminist bookstores to Mr. Saddam Hussein. Their riotous new sketch, “One Man Show,” takes on performance art—something we, well, don’t love.

Apparently, Armisen initiated the collaboration during the writer’s strike and though he’s clearly the star here—there’s something oddly profound in the way he transforms the former Iraqi dictator into a British pop star circa 1969, replete with cockney accent (maybe it’s because Armisen’s Hussein sorta looks like Colin Farrell)—Brownstein certainly holds her own. Watch as she defends her new Portland eatery, Katchenza, from online commentators accusing the restaurant’s waiters of stirring customers’ drinks with their penis and giving birth while serving beef brisket (“When I saw the baby crown, I had to stop eating my dessert,” one writes.) “As far as I’m concerned, anyone can have a baby in our restaurant,” Brownstein haughtily replies. Right on, sister.