Garden State Date: Beer Fest Time!

Each week our man in Jersey gives you a few good reasons to head across the Hudson

Things are looking a bit quiet this weekend with everyone heading up to the Catskills for All Tomorrow’s Parties. But fall is here, which means Oktoberfest is also upon us, which means it is time to drink delicious beers. And not just the traditional Oktoberfest kind. Rauchweizen, Doppelbock, Dunkel Weiss—the weirder the name, the better, and we love them all. And what better place to drink delicious beers than at a beer festival? One such event, the Second Annual Central Jersey Beer Festival, is happening on Saturday in a far away land called Woodbridge. If you’ve never been to a beer festival, what happens is you pay something like $20, and you get a little seven ounce beer glass, and you get to spend the whole day going around from brewery to brewery sampling their crafts to your heart’s content. This particular beer fest (we were at the inaugural one last year) takes place in a big open park with, like, haystacks and picnic tables. But Central Jersey, you say? Don’t worry! From Penn Station, the train ride is only about 40 minutes. The forecast is looking beautiful. Is there any good reason why you would NOT want to hit this up as a day trip? [Sept. 20, 1 to 5 p.m.; Parker Press Park, Woodbridge, N.J.;]

If we’ve sold you on the idea of drinking beer in a festival setting but you’d prefer to stay closer to home, there’s a great beer festival going on in Manhattan (which we will plug even though it goes against the spirit of this feature!) but you can also try the 2008 Jersey City Irish Festival on the Hudson River Waterfront near the Exchange Place PATH station. Something tells us there will be some beer there as well. And if you happen to be Irish, all the better! It’s only five minutes away by train from the World Trade Center. [11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; 201.547.6921,]

And who knew that Williamsburg wasn’t the only place where hipsters gather in shoddy parks for kickball tourneys? Apparently Jersey City is a hotbed for this fiercly competitive sport as well, with its Olympic Kickball Finals scheduled for Saturday. There’s a whopping $100 prize up for grabs for the winning team, and drink specials for all from the bar across the street. The PATH train on the 33rd Street line will get you there in no time. [12 to 8 p.m.; Enus Jones Memorial Field, Jersey City]