Giuliani and Pataki Go After Biden

MINNEAPOLIS–Both former mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Governor George Pataki had words for Joe Biden at today’s New York delegation lunch.

Giuliani said that Biden’s proposal to devolve Iraq into three separate regions meant that he was “totally oblivious to what that has done to Pakistan and India.”

He then mocked Biden’s gregarious nature: “Joe has a great deal of experience talking, talking, talking.”

Pataki derided Barack Obama’s message of change by saying that, for vice president, Obama “picks Beltway Joe, who has been in Washington for a few hundred years.” He said that the way to achieve reform was to “appoint someone like Governor Palin.”

On a separate note, Pataki, who has been invisible since leaving office and abandoning notions of a bid for national office, declared himself in the game again.

“I’m back,” he said. “I’m getting involved.”

Giuliani and Pataki Go After Biden