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George picked DeSoto. Jerry, Magellan. And thus went another fetchingly inane debate on Seinfeld, this time over who was the greatest explorer ever. If they’d had access to an educational and eye-pleasing historical travel map called “Wanderlust,” courtesy of Good magazine, the answer would have been obvious: Captain James Cook. Cook made the others look like shut-ins, not only surviving his arduous, three-year expedition (DeSoto and Magellan died during theirs) but returning to England bearing one totally awesome gift — Australia.

This fun learning map colorfully charts 23 famous journeys, both real and fictional. You’ll find Amelia Earhart (here, at least) and Phileas Fogg. Just click on their travel routes and info nuggets pop up, each highlighting a different leg of one of their renowned trips. It’s a very modern reminder of times when seeking exotic spice routes didn’t mean using GPS to find a Thai restaurant.

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