Goodbye Metro, Hello Channel 9

Dealing with the (mostly) shrinking local media isn’t easy for press-dependent advocates like Joel Berg of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. After the New York Times announced that the Metro section—which often highlighted poverty cases in New York City—would be folded into national, Berg wrote a letter to the Times publisher pleading with him not to do it.

In a letter made public on this media site, Berg says he fears a world where “our only option for finding significant news every day about our hometown was to purchase tabloids with little interest in the truth and even less interest in substance.”

Which may not be a way to continue getting coverage in those remaining outlets.

Contrary-wise, there is one local media that’s expanding (and presumably looking for more stories to report on). Capital News 9, the Albany-based Time Warner nightly news show about state politics announced a plan to expand from 30 minutes a night to an hour. Yay.