Greta Van Susteren Does Not Twitter

vansusteren090108 Greta Van Susteren Does Not TwitterLast week, The Washington Post‘s Howard Kurtz wrote about Twitter, the kinda useful, sorta ubiquitous, sure to be short-lived new tool for journalists—and cellphone-enabled journalist-like individuals—who want to bring readers the world in 140-characters or less.

Mr. Kurtz called twittering "the digital equivalent of a sound bite, a throat-clearing, a terse observation or two for a cloistered community online."

If you’re hoping to hear Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren clear her throat online, you’re out of luck: The On the Record host tells The Huffington Post’s Danny Shea that Twittering may not be for her:

I’m not sold on it yet… I have so much going—I have a webcam, I have GretaWire, I have Greta LiveWire which is my internet show that I do every night between 9:45 and 9:50, I’m now doing the Strategy Room, I’ve got my pictures, my video…remember I told you it’s that hairline [between being digital and being crazy]? Twitter may be it…
It also sounds mildly obscene. Am I the only one who thinks, like, Twittering… I don’t know. Do you Twitter? It’s like, I thought we had a don’t ask, don’t tell policy!