HBO’s Bored to Death Sounding Even More Exciting!

Hey, we think HBO might be getting back on track! Our colleague at the Culture Czar recommends True Blood, the new show from Alan Ball, but we’re actually more psyched about Bored to Death. We were thrilled about the prospects of the series just from hearing the premise: a struggling writer with a slight drinking problem, fresh off a break-up, decides to become a private eye. When Jason Schwartzman signed on for the lead role, our interest was immediately piqued. Schwartzman is perfect casting for a lovelorn writer-nebbishy and yet capable of being an everyman. Plus, we flat-out love him.

Word comes today that Ted Danson has signed on as his mentor, a prickly magazine editor who presumably guides Schwartzman in his adventures. Sadly, we’re behind on our Damages watching, but from everything we’ve heard, Danson is an acting monster on that show, playing someone totally against his type. His role on Bored to Death sounds more in his wheelhouse, even if it does seem like an ideal role for Kevin Klein.