Hot Tickets: The Decembrists, Lucinda Williams, Equus


As with Hollywood, the music industry seems have gone on a bit of a vacation these last few weeks. Maybe we’re just bummed about the final concert at McCarren Park Pool, but there doesn’t seem to be much going on.

Raise a glass of your last summer rosé to the Decemberists, then, for soldiering on. Colin Meloy and his crew take to the road this fall—their first gigs since performing for 75,000 at an Obama rally in Portland back in May—and their first stop is Terminal 5 on Nov. 5. But before then, you’ll have the band’s Always the Bridesmaid to look forward to. Bridesmaid is a series of three singles to be released on digital and vinyl, with the first single, titled (provocatively) “Valerie Plame,” due out on Oct. 14. The Decemberists are also hard at work on their next LP. Onward! [On sale: Friday, Sept. 5 at noon]

It’s a tragedy you can’t smoke in bars and clubs in anymore, at least when Lucinda Williams comes to town. The gravelly voiced singer-songwriter heads to The WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden on Oct. 3. And if the folks at MSG knew what was good for ’em, they’d tear up the stadium seats, kill the smoke alarms, light a few chandeliers, and hand out a couple bottles of whiskey—then maybe Lucinda and her down-country blues would feel at home in midtown Manhattan. [On sale: Friday, Sept. 5 at noon]


Opening on Saturday, Sept. 6 is 1st Irish 2008, New York’s first and only Irish Theater festival. Until things wind down on Sept. 28, New Yorkers will have the chance to see nine companies performing the work of 13 different playwrights. But, you ask, hasn’t the city already seen its far share of Irish theater this season—what with Conor McPherson’s The Seafarer, Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman and the summer’s much-lauded Beckett series at Lincoln Center? Well, yes, but with most of the festival’s plays premiering this month, 1st Irish 2008 is about contemporary work. And there’s never been a better time. “We need to see new theater, because we have a new Ireland,” John P. Waters, the director of Irish Studies at N.Y.U., told the Times. “Ireland has been blessed with rapid, bewildering challenges in recent years, and drama is guiding the conversation.”

Of course, the Irish also have some things to say about New York. (Who doesn’t?) 1st Irish features “End of Lines,” a series of short plays inspired by the city’s subway system. [See here for showtimes and locations]

Joseph Stein, the 96-year-old creator of Fiddler on the Roof and Zorba, is getting a second chance with his beloved Enter Laughing: the Musical—a show based on Carl Reiner’s autobiographical novel of the same name. Back when it was called So Long, 174th Street, Stein’s musical bombed big time on Broadway, ending just after 16 shows in 1976. But now, thanks to the York Theater Company, it’s back. Previews began yesterday. The show’s six-week run begins Sept. 10. [On sale now]

And if you didn’t already know, Daniel Radcliffe gets naked in Equus! Previews for this limited engagement begin Saturday, Sept. 5. [On Sale now]

Hot Tickets: The Decembrists, Lucinda Williams, Equus