Changeling Trailer Appears; Angelina Looks Fab

It’s just a couple more weeks till Clint Eastwood’s Changeling opens as the centerpiece of the New York Film Festival, and today Variety has posted the trailer and the Todd McCarthy review written back in May when the film premiered at Cannes. Based on the real Wineville Chicken Murders in 1928, Angelina Jolie plays Christine Collins, a single mom whose son Walter mysteriously disappears. When the police bring back the boy they claim to be her son, Christine is insistent he is not — earning her a place in the psych ward. According to Mr. McCarthy’s review, it is then that the film “really spreads its wings, as ramifications of this tragic but unexceptional case seep through the police department, the legal system, the medical establishment and City Hall in entirely unexpected ways.”

We were among the very few who caught Ms. Jolie in A Might Heart and were impressed to see her bad-assness kept under wraps (though in truth her accent and makeup were a little distracting). Happily, it appears from the trailer that Ms. Jolie is again eschewing her go-to weapons (the smoldering voice, the ripped biceps) — in Changeling her voice sounds small, and her tiny shoulders frail (and the red lipped, short hair of the time very much suits her). John Malkovich plays Rev. Gustav Briegleb, who tries to expose the corruption of the LAPD, and takes up Christine’s cause (and isn’t it nice to have Mr. Malkovich play a straightforward good guy for a change?). Looks like we were smart to put it on our early Oscar list.