Gossip Girl Does 30 Rock , Too!

It’s getting hard to keep up with all the planned 30 Rock guest appearances, isn’t it? We need a calendar.

Last week Jennifer Aniston was announced. Then Oprah joined her. And now, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Gossip Girl stars Leighton Meester and Blake Lively will appear on the multi-Emmy nominated comedy during November sweeps in a flashback as former high school classmates of Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon.

As fans of both shows, this mash-up is like a dream come true. But considering that neither show has any real audience to speak of, is this a wise move? At least Ms. Aniston and Ms. Winfrey are famous household names. Will anyone tune in to 30 Rock to see Blair and Serena? And isn’t that really the point of these casting stunts, to build buzz and hopefully an audience?

Eh, who cares! We’re happy. And we wonder who’s next. If we had our way, it would be Jon Hamm. Now that he’s back in New York, with a good deal of time off since he finished shooting the second season of Mad Men, we’re sure it’ll be easy for him to make his way over to Silvercup Studios. Imagine the comedic possibilities of Mr. Hamm and Alec Baldwin trading barbs. Whoops! Or heads just exploded!