Marie Claire Jumps on the Reality Show Train

Marie Claire, the new home of former Elle fashion director Nina Garcia, has just announced that it will launch a reality show in March on the Style network called Running in Heels that will give an inside look into the personal and professional lives of its editors.

“This is the first docu-series in the history of the magazine and we’re excited to work with The Style Network to offer unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Marie Claire and the stylish, smart women who put the magazine together each month,” editor-in-chief Joanna Coles said in a release. “There’s sure to be lots of drama to interest viewers.”

The magazine states that Running in Heels will “show life at Marie Claire through different sets of eyes, from senior level staffers to interns,” which likely means that Ms. Garcia, who is keeping her spot as a judge on Project Runway, will presumably be one of the editors whose “personal story” will be featured.

We’re guessing that this means that the alleged rivalry between Ms. Garcia and fashion news director of Elle magazine Anne Slowey is likely to escalate. Ms. Slowey is just about to get her long-awaited reality debut in CW’s Stylista on October 22—a show that will have contestants compete for an editorial job at Elle—and here comes Ms. Garcia again, raising the ante with yet another fashion-based reality show, but this time dealing with her life as an editor. (The two were also supposedly frenemies when at Elle.)

One interesting tidbit: “Cameras will capture the 24/7 demands of their roles at the magazine and, through private video confessionals, viewers will learn how the interns cope with their jobs, their superiors and each other.”

Having been interns at many a fashion magazine ourselves, we know what that means. Expect sad little interns to cry their eyes out—their cheap mascara running down their innocent faces—into the cameras about how mean Ms. Garcia was to them when they accidentally poured spoiled milk into her coffee. In other words, we can’t wait.

Marie Claire Jumps on the Reality Show Train