In Early Defense of Michael Cera

Apparently no one is immune to the backlash that success brings. Not even Michael Cera! America’s ubiquitous and awkward sweetheart appears to be on the precipice of the inevitable take down. Mr. Cera, who stars in this Friday’s Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, was profiled in the New York Times on Sunday, prompting prickly Hollywood Elsewhere blogger Jeffrey Wells to state that Mr. Cera is “on the brink” and “two or three steps from being over.”

We can’t say we expect mannered reasoning from Mr. Wells, who is prone to over-reactions and brash proclamations that (to him at least) are always inarguable, but come on! Who doesn’t love Michael Cera? Boys, girls, men, women, household pets — this guy is a four quadrant stud who, while only 20, has already starred in two huge and unexpected box office successes and a cult television show. True, his part in Nick and Nora, playing the sensitive geek who tries to get his unrequited love, is well-worn territory for the actor, we actually think it’s a big next step. After all, for the first time in his career Mr. Cera is being asked to carry the financial success of a film on his name alone. And while we agree in principle with his former Arrested Development dad Jason Bateman, who says that “at some point the audience might want something different,” we’re certainly not at that point yet.

The world needs another John Cusack; another go-to actor for romantic comedies about good hearted guys who shall inherit the earth. We apologize Mr. Wells, but the only thing Michael Cera is on the brink of is superstardom.