In the Observer: Kerry’s Shadow, Bloomberg’s Future, Paterson’s Moynihan

Jason Horowitz goes on the trail with Barack Obama and reports that he is, with some discomfort, trying to chase away the ghost of John Kerry with a more aggressive, populist appeal to voters.

Eliot Brown discusses David Paterson’s recently announced commitment to Moynihan Station and the latest in a long line of elected officials that pledge to see the project through.

Joseph Mercurio tells Azi that uncertainty about whether Michael Bloomberg will seek a third term has put the rest of the city’s politicians into “a wonderland,” and not in a good way.

In an interview with a CNN producer charged with making a documentary about Sarah Palin, Feiix Gillette learns that at the governor’s father has a 15-foot pile of moose antlers in front of his home, and he serves caribou sausage to guests.