The Nation Captures McCain in ‘The Palin Trap’

With its September 29th issue, The Nation offers its own spin on The New Yorker‘s “The Politics of Fear” cover by Barry Blitt.

Mr. Blitt’s cover, which ran in July, inspired a number of parodies. Now, The Nation revamped the image as “The Palin Trap,” by Karen Caldicott (with cover design by Steven Brower). It shows John McCain in his Naval uniform giving a high-five (and his signature approving pointing gesture) to Sarah Palin, who’s dressed in her aerial-wolf hunting camos. She holds a rifle in her free hand. The two stand atop a polar bear skin rug with the Ten Commandments hanging on the wall of the Oval Office across from a moose head and a model offshore oil drilling station with “Drill Baby Drill” written on its base.

In the fire place, of course, is the Constitution.