Times Consolidates Media Desk; Culture, Business Reporters Moved Into ‘New Mini-Department’

The New York Times is assembling a media desk! Of course, the paper has always had top-notch media coverage. But in the past coverage of the media has come from different desks and at times put reporters at cross-purposes.

Now media reporters from the business desk (Tim Arango, Richard Perez-Pena and Brian Stelter, et al) on the second floor, and the culture department on the fourth will be packing up their things to work together in a new workspace on the third floor of the Times Building.

Bruce Headlam, the media editor for the business department, will run the day-to-day operations of the new mini-department, while business editor Larry Ingrassia and culture edtior Sam Sifton wil oversee the operation.

The move was acknowledged in a memo today as an effort to lessen red tape encumbering reporters from each of the two desks pursuing stories in the same beat.

Here’s the memo from Ingrassia and Sifton:


Convergence is the biggest story in media and entertainment today. Hollywood studios are investing millions in online television, people are reading newspapers on their iPhones and bloggers and YouTube are turning even
presidential election campaigns into homegrown affairs. By the end of the decade, we might all be watching ‘Lost’ on our shoephones.

Accordingly, we are doing some convergence of our own, and today announce the birth of a new and expanded media desk for The Times, joining reporters and editors from Business Day and Culture under one banner to cover media news for both desks.

The affable Canadian Bruce Headlam, currently the editor of the Monday edition of Business Day, is the obvious man to lead such a team. He will be joined by Rick Lyman and Steve Reddicliffe off the Culture Desk, and a dozen reporters taken from both departments. (Jennifer Kingson, who has helped Bruce elevate media coverage as Bruce’s deputy in BizDay, will take a new editing assignment on her home desk.) Bruce will report to both Larry Ingrassia, the business editor, and Sam Sifton, the culture editor. The new media desk will be located on the third floor — equidistant from both parents — and it will feed the news needs of both, as well as the feature
wells of Sunday Business and Arts & Leisure, among other outlets.

So without further ado, please meet (and congratulate!) your new New York Times media reporters:

Tim Arango
Brooks Barnes
Bill Carter
Michael Cieply
Stephanie Clifford
Stuart Elliott
Richard Perez-Pena
Motoko Rich
Jacques Steinberg
Brian Stelter
Ed Wyatt

We look forward to seeing those names all over A1, as well as on the dress pages of BizDay and The Arts for many years to come.

Larry Ingrassia
Sam Sifton




Times Consolidates Media Desk; Culture, Business Reporters Moved Into ‘New Mini-Department’